BreezeClan is the former SkyClan. They live in a gorge and have strong hind legs for jumping and climbing trees.


  • Ratastar- yellow tom with brown stripes on his back


  • Starheart- brown tom with black cyrcles around his eyes

Medicine CatEdit

  • Oakpelt- black tom with a snip of white at his tail's tip


  • Pineheart- black she-cat with a big grey spot on her left side
  • Fogpelt- white tom with a grey tail
  • Waterpelt- red tom with white stripes on his back
  • Ashpelt- grey she-cat with black paws
  • Nightpelt- black tom with white dots along his sides
  • Lionpelt- yellow she-cat with scar on right ear


  • Jewelpaw- Small silver she-cat with green eyes. Mentor- Lionpelt
  • Diamondpaw- Small silver she-cat with blue eyes. Twin sister of Jewelpaw. Mentor- Pineheart


Cloverstream's kits-


How to JoinEdit

Leave a message on my talkpage if you want to join BreezeClan. Dovesong Dove's gentle song. 21:00, August 2, 2010 (UTC)