Clan Territories

Here are the territories of the Clans.

In the center is the Abandoned Twoleg Nest. On the first floor is a small table left behind by Twolegs that leaders address the Clans on during Gatherings. The second floor is home to the Moonrose, a pale yellow rose that is always in full bloom. At a medicine cat Gathering, or when a leader needs to receive their nine lives, the cats go to the Moonrose and chew up one petal. Then they are whisked into dreams by StarClan,

In the north is LeafClan territory. For unknown reasons, the mountains they live in are surrounded by leaves. They hunt large birds of prey like falcoms, hawks, and eagles.

To the west is MoonClan territory, a dense forest with a cliff that protects the camp. MoonClan cats hunt by moonlight and catch small animals like mice, voles, and small birds.

In the southwest is SunClan territory. They enjoy hunting in the dense pines, yet always hunt when there is sunlight. Their prey is lizards, frogs, toads, and sometimes mice.

To the south is DawnClan territory. They always send out most of the patrols at dawn or the early morning. Their prey is mainly rabbits.

In the southeast is LightClan territory. They live right by a large river and send out the patrols anytime there is light. Prey is fish, water voles, mice, and shrews.

To the east is BreezeClan territory. They live in a gorge with a stream flowing through it. Their prey is squirrels and small birds in the few trees in their territory.