Riverpoppy is a small gray she-cat with river-blue eyes


Riverkit and her sister Streamkit are born to Featherlight and Blizzardfur shortly after Dovepaw, Blazefire, and Featherlight were exiled from LeafClan due to a huge prophecy hanging over their heads similar to the Power of Three prophecy. Two moons after she was born, they found a home in MoonClan. The leader, Cherrystar, welcomed them in quickly. Over the course of several moons, she became an apprentice with Amberlight as her mentor. Later she recieved her warrior name with her sister, with the two of them becoming Streamflower and Riverpoppy. She later gains an apprentice, Kestrelpaw.


Mother: Featherlight: Alive

Father: Blizzardfur: Alive

Sister: Streamflower: Alive

Uncle: Blazefire: Alive

Aunt: Dovesong: Alive

Cousins: Willowpaw: Alive

Kestrelpaw: Alive

Sandpaw: Alive